Chairman's Message

In our world globalized in each field, competition conditions in business area are becoming harder and harder with each passing day. Our duty under these difficult conditions is to make up the difference between us and global corporations stronger than us in terms of technology, educated manpower and capital background and is to surpass them. Therefore, in order to consolidate our place in the world, we have to exhibit the utmost attention and effort. Otherwise, our strengthened competitors will not only prevent us from being developed abroad but also make our customers their customer individually by empowering their positions in domestic market in line with global economy policies in the forthcoming period.

Our objective as Gülaylar Group is to make the brands created by our institution with great struggle having a well-established infrastructure and experience and capital background more than 80 years as the world leader in each sector we carry on operation.

Golden key to attain our objective: Concepts of Productivity, Diversity and Total Quality. That we become the world leader in the areas in which we operate will be only attained by our fulfilling our studies with “total quality” awareness incorporating educated and qualified human resources working with high efficiency, innovative product design, superior quality production and the best price ad post-sale excellent service reflected to the customer.

While our colleagues employed in Gülaylar Group conduct their works in an institution, leader of the operated areas and major fields of the world, they wholeheartedly strive to produce “excellence” in each department for bringing our institution to a better place in international competition by taking as a basis the principles of trust, integrity, respect and responsibility. These objectives we have set for gaining an international foundation for our employees show the way us in building the future.

Mehmet Gülay


The objectives we have set for gaining show
the way us in building the future.

"Mehmet Gülay | Chief Executive Officer"