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With its more than 80 years of corporate history, from design to production, exportation to importation, wholesale trade to retail, in other words, in a wholly integrated activity chain, Gülaylar is one of the longest standing jewelry groups of Turkey.


The Group, thanks to its active retail chain stores, presents customers with elegantly designed accessories.

Gülaylar, along with its retail stores in the venerable Grand Bazaar, also has stores in Istanbul’s most prominent and modern shopping centers, such as City’s, Akmerkez, Metrocity, Capitol, etc. It has the busiest retail store chains in the country with 50-55 years of history in the sector and more than 350,000 registered customer networks.

The Gülaylar Jewelry Group sees Gülaylar Jewelry Stores as the most important UMS platform (International Store Systems) through which the group can learn about the concerns of its retail merchants and can meet single individual consumer demands. Owing to this, it can maintain and expand its national and international customer potential.

Gülaylar embraces the notion of making their customers feel special as its corporate philosophy. It acts in accordance with this ideal in each stage of services from customer relations to price policies, from exportation to importation. Gülaylar serves its customers with educated and experienced sale staff so as to meet their every demand regarding valuable diamond gems. The Gülaylar Jewelry Group, in the service it provides for its elite, international customers, pays great attention not only to its products but also to its employees’ level of knowledge in their fields and their competence in customer relations. It maintains its service quality at the top level by arranging education seminars for employees at regular intervals.

  • Power Emanating From The Past
    Geçmişten Gelen Güç

    With three retail stores, more than 50 years of history, a registered customer database of 350,000, and the constant survey of its retail chain stores’ customer profiles, the group has a significant know-how domain.

    Gülaylar Jewellery Shops located in the Grand Bazaar has been the source to make Gülaylar Jewellery Shops to become one of the biggest Jewellery Chains in Turkey.

    Gülaylar Retail Chain Stores, on account of the settlement structure in Turkey and due to excellent post sale services, have earned the deserved trust of the customers. Gülaylar, as a pioneer corporation in improving and renewing the sector by its services in Turkey and around the world, is solidifying its deserved trust every day.

    The products offered to the customers under the guarantee of Gülaylar are also accompanied by an internationally recognized guarantee certificate. This certificate, endorsed by international experts, provides advantages in any place in the world when the customer wishes to sell the product. Gülaylar, always acting on customer-oriented principles, defends customer satisfaction in its sale as much as it does during the purchase process. The Group, besides giving technical support in terms of repair and maintenance, replaces products -in case of a demand from the customer- in accordance with the latest protocol of the day.

    Gülaylar Retail Chain Stores are the busiest retail stores of Turkey in terms of customer traffic.

  • Diamond Line Stores
    Diamond Line Mücevherat Mağazaları

    The Gülaylar Jewelry Group activated its Diamond Line stores by combining its experience in the retail sector with an understanding of the nature of boutique stores. The Diamond Line customers, shopping at leisure in a cozy and comfortable environment, find the latest modern diamond trends and collections. Diamond Line stores derive their power from the success from the success of their collections make in Turkey and the rest of the world. Diamond Line stores offer unique diamond collections that reflect world trends.

    Diamond Line stores, with the quality of its products certified by international prizes, offer an integrated and yet diverse set of collections, from specially designed gold, diamond, silver and steel ornaments to silver and gold accessories and souvenirs. Potential buyers encounter products here by way of the educated, warm and sophisticated attitudes of the sale staff.

    Diamond Line stores, created by the synthesis of styles of two multicultural cities, New York and Istanbul, offer personal designs emphasizing haute couture and reflecting the latest world trends.

    Personal collections are manufactured on request from Diamond Line customers. Customers, in order to receive more detailed information on the diamonds, are entertained in VIP lounges by expert representatives. If the customers are too busy to come to the store, expert representatives are always ready to pay them a visit at their homes or offices.

    Diamond Line stores, along with personal design services, offers the customers the privilege of the Member Card. Those who hold this card receive special discounts for Gülaylar and Diamond Line products and services.

    The Gülaylar Jewelry Group’s strength and experience is reflected onto its customers in the form of privileged service. The friendly relationships it maintains with customers (who are well aware of the fact that such a thing cannot be imitated by other companies) have not only improved the Group’s services but also have been carried over to the retail store management.

    A customer-oriented work ethic is the foundation of the group’s 80 years of corporate history and one of the key reasons for its successful past in the sector.

  • “UMS” International Merchandising System
    UMS Uluslararası Mağazacılık Sistemleri

    Corner Frachise Chain Stores The Opportunity To Be A Gülaylar Franchise
    The Gülaylar Jewelry Group, after 80 years in the sector, works in a wholly integrated manner from design to production, from exportation to importation, and from wholesale to retail. Gülaylar carries out wholesale transactions with its 5000 corporational customers in Turkey. Furthermore, thanks to exportation activities to 55 countries all around the world, it is a well-known and a long standing brand.

    The Gülaylar Jewelry Group works according to the following principles:
    - Leadership,
    - Strategic Planning,
    - Market and Customer Oriented Production,
    - Data Analysis,
    - Care for Human Resources,
    - Management,
    - Administering Results,
    These principles are shaped by UMS (International Store Systems) and are the guidelines for all franchise investments. UMS, with the Group’s experience of more than half a century, is an important branch of the know-how department.

    Jewelry is a highly competitive sector and therefore those companies who are active in this sector or those who are planning to be should remember that brand value, design and proper pricing are the key components to staying alive. Such an approach will also make it possible to rise above the others and will pave the way to becoming a distinct brand. In order to attain this, it is crucial to offer diverse and extensive collections to customers under the umbrella of an experienced and strong brand respected in the jewelry market. UMS represents an important opportunity for the Turkish jewelry sector as it offers the chance (for those entrepreneurs who meet the necessary qualifications) to become a distinct and leading franchise. Entrepreneurs are expected to guarantee a certain sale quota; and without paying any franchise fee, they can partake of UMS privileges.

    UMS offers three distinct models: franchise, vendor, or corner stores. Corner, mevcut kuyumcu mağaza vitrini ve/veya içerisinde “Gülaylar” bölümü oluşturarak, bu bölümde yalnızca “Gülaylar” ürünlerinin satılması imkanını sağlamaktadır.

    Corner stores provide the opportunity to create a Gülaylar corner in available store windows or showcases in which only Gülaylar products are sold.

    Vendor stores are built on 20-50 square meters areas and the decoration expenditures are estimated to amount to 25-75,000 thousand dollars.
    The corporate customers who wish to be franchise stores will also become a member of the Gülaylar chain stores. Around 100-250 square meters of space is expected for franchise stores and according to UMS decoration standards an average of 125-175,000 thousand dollars should be spared for expenditures.

    The biggest advantage for those entrepreneurs who participate in UMS is Gülaylar’s 80 years of experience and the hard-earned trust that results from such long years in the sector. Secondly, they will be able to appropriate unique and exclusive R&D designs along with a worldwide know-how network as Gülaylar creates its designs after analyzing consumer choices.

    An entrepreneur who has previously become a part of UMS will possess a store running according to international standards.
    Gülaylar provides unlimited logistical support in UMS for those customers who want to be a member of the organization. This logistical support consists of:

    - The store’s site selection,
    - Store decoration,
    - Shop window decoration,
    - Measuring the customer profile of the store and calculating measurements of segmentations.
    - Selecting appropriate products and designs that fit the customer profiles and segmentations,
    - Contiunally updating collections with new designs and products.,
    - Personnel training,
    - Post-sale support,
    - National advertisement,
    - CRM (customer relations management), customer survey,
    - Corporational computer program set up and training.
    - Online stock tracking and orders.
    Within the framework of an effectively and quickly executed plan, Gülaylar helps entrepreneurs improve their monthly turnover potential, their competitive abilities, and transactions with surplus value.

    UMS members which make use of Gülaylar’s 80 years of know-how find an opportunity to work in productive and profitable conditions that are under the regulation and guarantee of international standards. Gülaylar, with UMS , expands its franchise chains primarily in developed and developing cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Denizli, Antalya, Adana, Konya, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Kastamonu, Samsun, Trabzon. Regarding franchise stores there have been frequent demands and applications throughout the world. The UMS system, if franchise stores are opened in Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Australia, Eastern Europe, Russian and Dubai, will continue to extend the Gülaylar brand by way of international platforms.

    There are now serious plans underway to activate 500 stores in Turkey and 100 in Europe and the surrounding countries within 5 years.

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