The secret to leadership: trust...

Gülaylar, which has 45,000 jewelry retail stores in Turkey, makes wholesale trades with more than 5000 jewelry stores in the country.

Wholesale Gold

Gülaylar always offers the best quality products to its customers all over the country by showing the same utmost sincerity.

With its more than 80 years of experience and upholding the satisfaction of its customers above anything, Gülaylar, which has persistently kept to the principle of trust, is able to reach its customers with its extensive collection of products that appeal to every segment.

  • Philosophy of Customer Happiness

    Gülaylar has also become the symbol of trust in the wholesale diamond sector by fervently foregrounding the unconditional customer happiness principle. Gülaylar, which carries out every promise that it makes to its customers, has been effecting sales for more than half a century without budging from its product quality and services. Instead of commonplace products and repeated collections, Gülaylar prefers innovative production and, in the wholesale gold network, it satisfies its customers by offering them a variety of new and modern designs and collections.

    The Group, creating trendy models in Turkey and around the world, and internalizing the “quality of service” ideal, has contributed to fulfilling wholesale gold purchasers’ customer aims.

  • Transparency In Knowledge Sharing

    From taking orders to shipping and in all the phases of the process, Gülaylar offers to its customer’s diverse worldwide products and services. It also strives to serve its corporational customers within the scope of international norms and regulations. Gülaylar, through its corporate customer relations system, informs the customers about the latest product. Not only the wholesale purchasers but also the retail ones are informed in a clear and transparent fashion, and every detail is shared with them accompanied by reliability and honesty

    Wholesale customers’ demands and views are the most crucial points of our business as we know that the trust we have built so far as Gülaylar is strictly related to our employees’ esteem and the consideration of our customers’ wishes.

    The essence of our job is to continue to improve our leadership position by satisfying our customers in every stage of services in the new millennium.

    In our relations with existing or new customers, “client satisfaction” is our first priority. With our post-sale services that aim to enrich the customers, we are always reliable and consistent in maintaining our total quality principle.

  • Fast And Extensive Delivery

    Gülaylar shows great care in post sale services in the wholesale sector.
    The Group, beginning from product repair to maintenance, and by providing sale assistance as well, delivers its products to every region of Turkey thanks to its unique service system. Gülaylar, along with the care it shows in design and quality, also regards a fast and extensive delivery system as equally significant.

    A Leader in International Business
    Gülaylar carries out wholesale trades with 5000 corporational clients, and thanks to its wide delivery network, it loses no time in transporting its products to the clients. With such service principles Gülaylar has led the way in its sector in spreading international business norms and regulations. Our experienced sale teams, primarily in tourism areas, have been delivering our products to various parts of Turkey. As for neighboring countries’ customers, we, within the limitations of customs laws, deliver their orders as far as the airport.

    We, at Gülaylar, are proud knowing that the services we provide contribute to our customers’ reaching their goals. Due to such positive feedback, we are encouraged to continually increase the quality of our services.

Different Collections For Each Whole Sale Segment




Gülaylar, dominating the sector with its 80 years of experience, manufactures attractive and modern designs for each season.

The Group attaches great importance to R&D studies as this design group continuously adds new, innovative collections to our database and thereby contributes a great deal to the overall jewelry sector. All the products and collections, by means of chain stores, retailers and corner stores all over Turkey, are transported and made available down to the last client.


Diamond Line

Diamond Line

In terms of diamond production, wholesale, retail and exportation sectors, both in Turkey and all over world, the Gülaylar Jewelry Group has come to be known by the brand name Diamond Line. Diamond Line answers the needs of jewelry lovers by quite extensive and exquisite collections. Diamond Line collections are sold in Turkey and they are exported to various other countries as well.

Around the world, almost 55 countries are Diamond Line’s export areas and especially in the U.S., Germany, France, England, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Canada and Japan, the Diamond Line products are in great demand.


Gülaylar Alyans

Gülaylar Wedding Ring

A wedding ring… the indispensable symbol of marriage… The Gülaylar Titanio Wedding ring Collection is developed by the R&D department and processed in silver, 18 carat gold and diamond materials and offered to our clients with unique designs. In the Titanio Wedding Ring collection, the rings that are specially manufactured with titanium are different from other rings in terms of its anti-allergic aspect and its feather-light weight.

The Titanio Wedding Ring collection gave new dimension and definition even to a category regarded as commonplace as wedding rings, and the collection’s exclusiveness is met with appreciation around the world.


Happy Gold

Happy Gold

A worldwide brand, Gülaylar’s Happy Gold is a great choice to give to your loved ones and makes an extraordinary present. Happy Gold consists of little ingots fabricated in 24 carat pure gold with tracking number, ingot code, and weight in grams scale written on the package; the quality of the product is under the guarantee of Gülaylar.

Happy Gold, which represents a totally different concept than the usual gold product, provides an elegant alternative to both investment and the exchange of presents. With 1 , 2.5 , 5 , 10 , 20 , and finally 50 and 100 gram options , Happy Gold appeals to every budget and with specially designed envelopes and messages wait for their clients at Gülaylar stores to make their special days even better.


Elite Steel

Elite Steel

Another proud member of Gülaylar’s R&D department: Elite Steel. This collection caters to refined gentlemen of every age, and it has some inimitable designs that we are sure every man would lo

Elite Steel can either be used in casual or in classical dressing. And this dual aspect of the collection, its protean nature, as it were, has been greatly appreciated by the world.


Elite Silver

Elite Silver

This collections appeals to young, or middle aged ladies and gentlemen and employees who would like to look different and modern in daily life.

Elite Silver shows its distinct quality and difference from other products by creating elegant and at the same time simple trends. Elite Silver, on its way to becoming a worldwide brand, in all its products displays the grace that only silver has.