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Without making concessions from the international business modelling, closing following development of our age is core principle of our institution.

Human Resources

With expertise, experience and capital background more than 80 years behind, GÜLAYLAR is a leading institution having a company ranking in 108th place among the biggest 500 industrial companies.

GÜLAYLAR maintains its operations in different sectors with model and approach of international business with the leading and pioneer companies in their fields.

GÜLAYLAR generates designs and solutions in line with requirements of international customers by adopting the highest quality norms and finalizes its works in more swifter and more economic manner in more superior quality more than desired in each phase from the starting of the job until the end of it and carries out the works with the mission of trust, integrity, respect and responsibility.

Without making concessions from the international business modelling, closing following development of our age is core principle of our institution.

Our goal is to complete the projects we undertake in line with contemporary quality values and international standards in each level.

And it is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction by fully meeting the demands and needs of Domestic and Foreign Customers.

  • Gülaylar Group Human Resources

    While achieving our goals, one of the main powers carrying us to the success is our employees. What is the core of our Human Resources approach is to maintain and improve our leadership in our business areas by making our customers satisfied in each phase of the services we render in 2000 years.

    “We take pride in working with intellectual leaders and directors managing this work force with a high quality and elated work power counting working in GÜLAYLAR as a privilege, open to continuously improving itself, taking initiative, reviewing its creative powers, having spirit of team work, dynamic, educated and able to use the most advanced technology.”

  • Human Resources Policy

    Protecting and developing Culture in GÜLAYLAR is our core basis of our Human Resources Policy.

    We believe that employees are our most valued assets. We do not consider our co-workers as temporary and we build our relations on healthier and more stable foundations. We adopt the principle of attracting talented and successful people within our body and working with long years by encouraging and helping their developments. We have newly recruited personnel subject to “Job Orientation Training” from the first day of employment. We maintain their trainings both outside of the job and on the job and we monitor their progresses.

    We believe that humans are equal and we implement these principles in our business lives. We do not practice any discrimination and evaluation such as race, gender and religious differences among our employees and we recognize everyone advancement and self-development opportunity. We act very meticulously while performing Selection-Placement and Career Planning of our employees and we accept “loyalty, integrity, aptitude for teamwork, sensitivity, work ethics, being at peace with itself and environment” as core criteria.

  • Selection and Placement

    Whether the candidates in Selection and Placement process in GÜLAYLAR have competencies required for each position is determined with objective, reliable and valid methods; a structure wherein competencies play an influential role in personal success with business life has been targeted. According to the procedures established in accordance with this objective, method of personal application is open in each period of year except for the announcement provided to Human Resources Web Portals and newspapers. All applications are carefully examined and although there is no open vacancy at the time of application, candidates may be invited to routine interviews. When needed, applications of the candidates are taken into consideration again.

    Need of human resources of GÜLAYLAR can be defined with a wide range of spectrum. During applications, personal qualities observed in the interviews alongside education, experience, undergraduate degree in line with requirements of the relevant position play a crucial role in selection of candidates.

  • Remuneration Policy

    Wage increase application of the group is realized in July each day for rewarding increasing performance and policy reflecting current market trends. Market wage investigation is conducted prior to each wage increase period. Since the criterion in the topmost within the considered criteria is for rewarding personal competence and increased performance, performance evaluation comes to the fore in GÜLAYLAR. Performance evaluation in international standards in radical basis is implemented for the candidates that are able to fulfil steadily Personal Performance development and financial development opportunities are provided in the utmost level.

  • Training Programs

    Primary objective of the trainings held at GÜLAYLAR is to enhance know-how knowledge and skill levels relating to the position the employee still fulfils and to gain know-how knowledge and skills needed in its next position in relation to future Career Plans. Apart from this, newly recruited personnel are subject to orientation and training of practical specialization on the job as of the first day it starts its employment.

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