Parks fit for purpose...

Special park researches required with necessary determinations for Logistics Park Project in Turkey.

Logistic Park

Logistics sector is one of the most core sectors in the developing world economies and comes to the foreground within investment strategies of Gülaylar Group. Developing logistics parks is one of our primary objectives we envisage to start in near future. Lands with large scale have been identified in line with this purpose in Asian and European sides of Istanbul and their analyses are duly conducted.

Logistics parks cover not only buildings with properties in line with business within the framework of industrial projects and other indoor and outdoor areas, environmental arrangements, roads and infrastructures. For this reason, our investment approach in this area is to develop a functional and effective logistic business park and aims to offer the most appropriate locations and a project approach providing alternative and the most accurate customer service perspective.

Our experience and experience in the field of developing high quality logistic hubs in the most accurate locations by being aware of customer-oriented approach, industry and local markets in depth will move us to a better future.

Hedeflere Göre Büyük Ölçekli Parklar